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  • Infiniti G35

    Monday, March 19th, 2007 at 02:33 | 0 comments
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    It’s contagious. After we bought our Odyssey, someone else in the family had to one-up us with a new sporty Inifiniti G35. Just got a chance to take a few quick snapshots.




    Did I say sporty?!


  • Odyssey II

    Monday, March 5th, 2007 at 13:33 | 1 comment
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    We did it, bought a 2nd Honda Odyssey. Austin calls our first Odyssey, Odyssey I. So, this is Odyssey II.




    This is the Honda Odyssey EX-L R&N. That’s new territory for us, the most expensive car/truck we ever bought. Our bargaining technique was to broadcast, via email, all the Honda dealerships nearby. This included some in the outskirts of great Atlanta. I basically gave them the price I wanted to buy at, something reasonable based on the best quote I got a year ago. Since then, the invoice price has gone up $500 for the 2007, but I kept pushing for the best 2006 quote I got a year ago.

    Slowly, the quotes started coming down, each with explaination why they can’t go lower and how demand for the R&N option is way up. When the quote was $500 more than my asking price, the dealers started to drop off saying they can’t do better, so they claim. I kept pushing with the remaining dealers. Finally, I got better than my asking price by $100 and they threw in the rear splash guards. Once I got commitment on the phone, we finally drove to the dealership.




    So, of we went to pick it up. This says 54 miles, but we picked it up with only 7 miles.




    Seeing my friends buy their cars using the same email/internet technique, I have to say that I’m sold on it. There was no sales pressure you have to deal with. If you feel pressured on email, just wait a few hours before responding.

    One of the important things to me is the new safety features. Side curtain airbags throughout.




    And, every asks, can you fit two Odyssey’s in your garage. BARELY!