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  • New England Vacation

    Monday, July 27th, 2009 at 00:35 | 0 comments
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    This year, we took a two-family trek to New England. That’s four adults vs six kids through Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston in a 12-passenger van. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded at all. The weather was probably the worse part of it all.

    We woke up early at 5am trying to get to Philly by lunchtime.

    Here’s the Liberty Bell.

    And a view of Philadelphia from the top steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is the famous “Rocky” steps.

    In New York City, our first stop was B&H Photo. I’m impressed with its size and how packed it is with customers.

    Later that day, we arrived at the Apple Store on 5th Ave. Here’s a view of it from the elevator going down.

    And here’s Times Square, the location of the New Years Big Apple drop.

    The next day, we visited the Statue of Liberty.

    And Ellis Island.

    Here’s a view of New York City coming back from Ellis Island.

    And Walls Street where it’s blocked off from tourists.

    We ended the day eating at Big Wong. Not bad, except the portion size was kinda small.

    Then, we’re off to Boston. First off was the tour of Harvard University. This was one of the best campus tours I’ve ever had. Here’s a view inside the Memorial Hall.

    Then, we walked The Freedom Trail. Boston is such a walk-able city, and this is a great walk.

    The location of the Boston Massacre.

    Paul Revere’s house.

    And the Bunker Hill Monument. I just want to note that Amber climbed up and down this monument twice. That’s 1,176 steps in all.