Destination – Destin

April 1st, 2007 | Categories: Landscape, Travel

SPRING BREAK – It’s that time of the year again and since we had a quick sneak peak at Myrtle Beach, SC a few weeks ago, the kids were very much in beach mode. So, after my friend mentioned Destin during a friendly game of cards, we decided to hook up for spring break in Florida.

Before we left town, the weather forecast was pretty bleak… rain all week down in Destin. With nothing else to do for spring break, we decided to chance it. We got there late in the afternoon after catching down during the travel down. Things were clearing up just a bit. After meeting up with Jeff, we were determine that we were going to at least see the beach, even if it’s double red flag warning level and no one else was on the beach.


All we could do was to just head out to a nice dinner. The next morning started out the same, a very isolated and quiet beach.




It would only be hours later when mass chaos would appear.




But let’s not get too far ahead here. The beach was still under double red flag warning. So, the kids decided to just start digging a hole in the beach.




and dig….




and dig…




and even the little ones were digging…




In between digging, they decided to take a little dip in the waters.




In the evening, we did more beach things.




like hunting for sand crabs. The kids found a few, but it must not be crab season.




By the end of our trip, the kids dug a big hole.




But others that gave up on digging, just decided to enjoy the day under the umbrella.





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