Gone in Sixty Seconds

May 2nd, 2008 | Categories: Auto

What guy doesn’t love this movie, Gone in Sixty Seconds? Well, here’s the mustang inspired by the movie’s Shelby Mustang GT, nicknamed Eleanor. The Ronaele is Eleanor spelled backwards. You can see all the pictures here.


I’ve photographed a few cars in the past while it’s revving. But the Ronaele just plain ROARS. There’s no way to hold a camera steady with that kind of power under the hood. That’s why the picture isn’t tack sharp, the vibration of the Ronaele is just too intense. But I like it that way, it kinda represents the real life feeling.


Unlike the movie, this mustang is red. Yes, the black paint seems to be missing in some letters of the badge in the picture below. I like to think it’s because the acceleration blew off the paint.


I love the exhaust here. And what’s not to like about those 285/30ZR20’s.


OK, enough of the static detail shots. This 450R horse was built to be driven.




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